Frequently Asked Questions

Vent Hole

a small hole is added to the bag to allow air and moisture to pass thorugh the bag

Hang Hole

a hold added to the bag, allowing the bag to hang on a hook


One side of the bag is made longer , allowing the bag to be folded over and allowing items to be easily inserted.

Adhesive Strip

Glued strip to make the bag self sealing

Custom Printing

adding words or Logos to the bag


A strong press and seal closure


A seal running across the bag giving strength to the bag for hanging, usually has a hang hole punched in the header portion of the bag punched in the header portion of the bag.

Die Cut Handle

An oval punch out , approximately 2.5" , used as a handle

Which end is the opening?

The opening of a bag is always listed first

How do I measure to line a box?

For Lining a Box

1) Measure the width, depth and height ofthe box to be lined. The depth should be the shorter side.
2) To determine the Width (W) ofthe bag. add 1' to the width of the box.
3) To determine the Depth (D) ofthe bag. add 1” to the depth ofthe box.
4) The Length (L) ofthe bag is determined by adding the depth to the height ofthe box plus 6” to allow coverage ofthe box contents.
Example: lf the box size is 18”(wide) x 12'(deep) x 14'(high), the bag dimensions are as follows: Width (W) is 19" Depth (D) is 13" Length (L) is 33"